B-POD by Brink's

Our revolutionary
modular banking pods

A modular, scalable and sustainable way to deliver banking services.

B-POD is Brink’s most significant and revolutionary development yet, representing a major leap forward in banking innovation.

Banks now have the option to use customizable and modular banking pods, building brand visibility and meeting customer needs. This means bank customers have more choice in how they access and deposit money.

What’s more, B-PODs are highly sustainable, designed and built with the environment in mind.

The idea behind B-POD

Our innovative banking pods are the ideal solution for financial institutions facing rising costs and declining branch networks, ensuring access to cash and banking services for all.



Challenges facing banks today

Rising costs, declining branch networks and the need to balance automation with customer service significantly impact how banking services are delivered.

Financial institutions need cost-effective alternatives to traditional branches, while still offering customers access to essential banking services.

B-POD - an innovative, cost-effective alternative to traditional bank branches

Our turnkey micro-branch solution is a full-service modular banking pod that can be placed in any retail space. It enables financial institutions to offer a full range of financial services to the community.

B-POD is secure, lightweight, durable and versatile. Fully brandable and customizable, it’s your bank branch, managed entirely by us. Brink’s technology platform and supporting full-service infrastructure enables us to partner with financial institutions, delivering services rapidly, flexibly and affordably.

B-POD meets your sustainability goals

B-POD offers the perfect solution for banks who want to positively impact the environment while maintaining quality and functionality. B-PODs are designed using sustainable recycled materials. Their energy-efficient design reduces waste and minimizes environmental impact.

A full end-to-end service solution,
all managed by a single provider


The Brink’s design team conceptualizes a B-POD to suit your exact requirements. They create a branded, modular, fully functional bank branch replicating your brand guidelines. We manage the entire process with your branding team, creating overall concepts, considering shopfitting, branding, signage and furniture, to bring your B-POD to life.


A team of dedicated fabricators and shopfitters build each bespoke B-POD unit off-site, with in-house development to create and provide the pod’s technical infrastructure. If you require architectural drawings, automated deposit ATMs, steel fabrication or furniture, our team creates your interior B-POD space to meet your needs.


B-POD is a cost-effective option compared to traditional bricks-and-mortar construction. Requiring minimal planning, it is a modern, fast and adaptable solution for a banking retail presence. Site surveys, preparation and complete installation is carried out by our shopfitting and installation specialists.


Brink’s takes care of every aspect of your B-POD management. From cash forecasting to engineer call outs, we manage the entire ATM infrastructure on your behalf. Our ATM Managed Services streamline operations, boost uptime and reduce costs, allowing you to focus on serving your customers better.


Every B-POD benefits from technical support via our 24/7 dedicated help desk. With live ATM monitoring and our automated fault ticketing system, we boast industry-leading ATM uptime and fix rates. As your single point of contact, we seamlessly coordinate all subcontractors maximizing uptime, reducing costs and optimizing ATM performance.


How B-POD can help financial

Consumer access

Bring banking services closer to customers, maximizing convenience


Reduced operational costs compared to traditional branches

Customer-centric design

Deliver the convenience and service modern customers’ demand

Strategic, cost-effective expansion

Enter new markets quickly, without long-term leases

Focus on your core business

Outsource to Brink’s ATM Managed Services to free up internal resources through one single supplier


Eco-conscious design aligns with your commitment to responsibility

Significant cost reduction

Streamlined setup, simplified operations and a smaller footprint significantly lower overhead costs for our clients

Reduced downtime

Our on-site maintenance capabilities minimize disruptions, keeping ATMs operational and customers happy

Real-time visibility

Our Brink’s Insight Center portal puts up-to-the-minute ATM data at your fingertips, empowering better decision-making

Enhanced brand reputation

Market your brand in new locations with high footfall and easily relocate or repurpose pods based on market shifts

Support models

From fully managed to joint-service models, enjoy customized support to fit your specific needs and strategic goals

Core AMS expertise

B-PODs leverage our strengths in ATM monitoring, first- and second-line maintenance services, cash management, CIT, engineering and transaction processing

Keep your bank branch strategy ahead of the curve

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B-POD - introducing our
revolutionary modular banking pods

  • Dedicated helpdesk and customer call center
  • Customizable screens and functionality to meet financial institution branding
  • Automated meet and greet
  • Full cost transparency
  • Real-time portal and management information
  • In-house processing platform that supports future functionality
  • Provision of all branch cash
  • Full cash-in-transit services
  • Bespoke branding and advertising services
  • Dedicated account managers, providing a single point of contact
  • In-house engineering, CIT, transaction processing and service center support
  • Management of reconciliations and disputes
  • Greater transparency over cash demand and cash management costs
  • Free access to cash for all customers of partner financial institutions
  • Future deposit options if a universal scheme can be adopted
  • Fully managed and joint-service operating models

B-POD has already launched successfully in several UK locations, and we are excited to extend this product worldwide.

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