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B-POD by Brink’s

Expand your reach, redefine banking:
B-POD by Brink’s.

B-POD is a customizable, flexible solution that enhances customer engagement, optimizes your bank’s market presence, and streamlines your operations – delivering significant cost savings. Our innovative banking pods are the ideal solution for financial institutions facing rising costs and declining branch networks, ensuring access to cash and banking services for all.

B-POD is a unique banking solution supplied, installed and fully managed by Brink’s. It is a bank-branded (white-labeled) small footprint relocatable structure, with the functionality of a traditional bank branch, positioned in a low-cost retail space.

Your flexible banking solution


  • Design and build
  • Deployment and installation
  • Multi-bank deposit solutions
  • Cash management and CIT services
  • Monitoring and event management
  • Transaction processing
  • Dedicated helpdesk
  • First-line and second-line hardware maintenance
  • Reconciliation, settlement and disputes management
  • Customizable branding
  • Video conferencing links
  • Foreign Exchange services
  • Location services

All offered through one service provider.

Your flexible banking solution:
The B-POD advantage

  • Reduce branch setup costs by 40%

    B-POD’s streamlined design and rapid deployment significantly lowers upfront costs.

  • Accelerate market expansion

    Enter new markets quickly and efficiently with B-POD’s flexible, modular design.

  • Outsource branch operations to focus on strategy

    Brink’s end-to-end B-POD management lets you reallocate resources for innovation and growth.

  • Meet sustainability goals

    B-PODs are designed using sustainable recycled materials, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.

Elevate the customer experience:
The B-POD difference

  • Banking on your customers’ schedule

    B-POD puts banking within easy reach with extended hours, strategic locations and multi-bank deposit solutions.

  • Tech-forward, yet personable

    Handle routine transactions quickly with advanced ATMs or tap into expert guidance for complex needs.

  • Experience the future of banking

    B-POD’s welcoming design, cutting-edge technology and dynamic environment creates an experience customers will love.

Keep your bank branch strategy ahead of the curve


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B-POD has already launched successfully in several UK locations, and we are excited to extend this product worldwide.

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