Brink’s Dutch engineers successfully take over full maintenance of 1,700 ATMs for Geldmaat

Wednesday 26th June 2024


Geldmaat, a joint venture between the three major Dutch banks, ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank, manages 85% of all ATMs and self-service cash devices in the Netherlands, and is recognizable by the distinctive yellow color and smiley face logo. Geldmaat ATMs can be found throughout the Netherlands, from major cities to rural areas, shopping centers, outside-in facades, and inside supermarkets and bookshops.


Since 2014, the Brink’s Dutch team has been responsible for first and second-line maintenance on two thirds of the Geldmaat fleet. Brink’s previously outsourced most of the second-line maintenance activities to the incumbent suppliers (OEMs), although Brink’s engineers have also been performing second-line maintenance on approximately 600 cash-out lobby devices since 2016.


Brink’s Netherlands started providing Geldmaat with full first and second-line maintenance in-house, with Brink’s engineers working on all 1,700 devices from January 2024.

The Brink’s and TestLink teams worked together to achieve a seamless implementation within a challenging timeframe. Typical implementation timelines are between three and six months, but thanks to the collaborative and efficient work of everyone involved, this implementation was achieved in just six weeks, during the already busy festive season.

TestLink’s support comprised of four main elements, all developed to fuel the improvement of ATM network uptime:

  • Inventory of Quality Spare Parts – TestLink designed a full ‘seed stock’ of 549 modules specifically for Geldmaat’s ATM estate, optimized to achieve the ideal balance between minimizing the quantity of parts required, and therefore reducing costs, whilst maximizing the availability of spare parts. This initial inventory is sustained with a robust repair loop, with all parts undergoing an intensive remanufacturing process. In addition to repairing the failed component, TestLink performs preventative measures to extend the average lifespan of parts.
  • Field Engineer Van Kits – TestLink developed a kit, comprising of 26,149 components across a team of 40 Brink’s engineers. These kits equip the engineers with the tools and materials needed to increase the number of first-time fixes.
  • Comprehensive Training – A training course was designed and delivered, using the train-the-trainer format to maximize its long-term impact. TestLink’s training methodology went beyond outlining ATM functionality, diagnosing common faults and replacing modules, with trainees learning how to use their van kits to perform field fixes. The Brink’s team reported that the TestLink training was much more effective and useful than the training they received from the incumbent OEM.
  • Standard Operating Procedures – Created and implemented to support the effective ongoing handling and tracking of all inventory and materials, documented with the associated process diagrams.


During the first week of January, the Brink’s team, headed up by the Secure Engineering Manager, Richard van Eijndt, resolved over 150 second-line maintenance incidents within Geldmaat’s Service Level Agreements.  The number of incidents that were unresolved, due to a large backlog created by the OEM, dropped from 78 ATMs down to only 14, resulting in a 2% uptime improvement for the entire Geldmaat estate.

In the Netherlands, Brink’s maintains five types of NCR machines. For ATM devices that have both a withdrawal and deposit function, the availability improved by almost 7%, an impressive result bearing in mind these ATMs are more challenging to fix and maintain. Brink’s engineers also resolved a backlog of 300 condition-based maintenance call outs within eight weeks, averaging 40 call outs per week. Condition-based maintenance work is performed when measured parameters of machine faults reach unacceptable levels.

The CEO of Geldmaat, Peggy Corstens, said,

“We’re delighted with the fast and efficient resolution of any ATM maintenance issues. The support provided by the Brink’s team has been great and the new maintenance services drive further performance improvements and optimizes our service to our customers.”

Bas Rodenberg, Brink’s Managing Director for the Netherlands, added,

“We ensure that all our Brink’s engineers are fully trained and are committed to continuous improvement, providing proactive maintenance support for Geldmaat’s ATMs.”


Such is their confidence in Brink’s services, Geldmaat will be adding a further 900 ATMs to Brink’s maintenance contract later this year. In total, 2,600 Geldmaat ATM devices, from one OEM, will be fully maintained by Brink’s engineers.

Historically, Geldmaat had been monitoring their own devices. Later this year, Brink’s will also be taking over their monitoring services, reflecting Geldmaat’s peace of mind in the experience, expertise and outsourcing capabilities of Brink’s.

Richard van Eijndt, Manager for Secure Engineering, Brink’s Solutions Netherlands, also commented,

“Brink’s is all about operational performance. Combined with the skills and knowledge of our engineering team, partnering with TestLink, our objective is customer satisfaction. If we say we’ll fix a machine in four hours, we commit to it. We have a skilled and enthusiastic team, all working towards our common goal of keeping cash available, affordable and secure while making our customers and their customers happy.”