B-POD by Brink’s: a scalable, agile alternative to bank branches

Thursday 9th May 2024

The need to redefine banking today

There are several reasons why a bank might choose to set up a micro-branch like B-POD instead of a traditional bricks-and-mortar bank branch. Financial institutions worldwide face a variety of challenges, such as:

  • Maintaining profitability with declining branch networks​ and rising costs
  • Balancing cost efficiency of real estate whilst maintaining customer service standards
  • Delivering cost-effective alternatives to traditional branches while still offering customers access to traditional banking services in a rapidly changing technological landscape​​
  • Maintaining access to cash and financial inclusion in under-served communities​
  • Prioritizing sustainable business practices
  • Finding cost-effective ways to expand reach or enter new markets

B-POD: flexible, agile and scalable

B-PODs are more than just physical structures: they offer a scalable branch solution which enable financial institutions to expand their presence, enhance customer experience and take the lead in environmental responsibility. With B-POD, banks can benefit from:

  • Turnkey deployment and operation of fully equipped banking pods by Brink’s to bring banking services closer to customers
  • From fully managed to joint-service models, we customize our support to fit clients’ specific needs and strategic goals
  • Flexibility of multiple transaction services and broader banking options
  • Streamlined operations and a smaller footprint to significantly lower overheads​
  • Strategic, cost-effective expansion to enter new markets quickly, without long-term leases
  • Greater cost efficiencies compared to traditional bricks-and-mortar bank branches
  • Easily relocatable to enable rapid, low-risk entry into new markets worldwide
  • Customizable branding to market your brand to consumers in new locations with high footfall
  • Our eco-conscious pod solutions align with growing client and customer commitment to environmental responsibility.

B-POD: adaptable banking for any location

Our pods are lightweight, secure, durable and versatile, making them a cost-effective choice. Banking pods can be positioned in shopping malls, airports, public transport hubs, on university campuses, in supermarket car parks or residential areas, and more.

Standardization allows for bulk manufacture and stocking of multiple components and interior items, resulting in significant economies of scale. They are simple to manufacture and come in a flat-packed design for convenient global transportation. In addition, the pods can be repurposed and re-skinned to adopt a new corporate identity.

B-POD: five steps to the future of banking

1 – Design:

Regardless of whether you choose a compact or spacious pod, Brink’s will customize it to meet specific customer demographics and service offerings. We use color schemes, materials and signage that match a bank’s brand to ensure B-POD branches seamlessly integrate with your corporate identity.

Our space planning expertise ensures optimal customer flow, accessibility and visibility to make the best use of the available location. We can also provide detailed 3D renders, floor plans and technical specifications to facilitate quick approvals in any location.

2 – Build:

We prioritize quality and environmental sustainability in our building process by using modular, offsite construction techniques to minimize onsite disruptions and speed up build times.

External B-PODs are weatherproof and feature advanced security measures to protect your investment. We also use 80% recycled aluminum parts and 5,000+ recycled plastic bottles in the manufacturing process, sustainably sourced wood, and energy-efficient lighting and climate control systems.

Our skilled shopfitters flawlessly execute your brand’s vision, incorporating ergonomic customer stations, intuitive technology placement and high-quality furniture. Smart climate control systems regulate the temperature and maintain an optimal temperature for employee comfort based on occupancy and outside weather conditions.

Brink’s offers three different footprint sizes to suit customer needs. Footprint One has a streamlined design for rapid deployment in urban areas and is ideal for high-traffic locations with limited space​. Footprint Two is still compact enough for strategic placement in bustling areas but accommodates more complex customer requirements and private consultations, including additional services such as Foreign Exchange. Footprint Three provides a wider range of banking services, rivaling a traditional branch, and allows for comfortable waiting areas and dedicated consultation spaces.

3 – Installation: 

Our proven, hassle-free installation process makes launching a B-POD quick and easy. We can install B-POD in internal spaces, external retail environments or under-served communities. Compared to traditional branches, minimal site preparation is required, making it a cost-effective choice. Brink’s multi-bank intelligent deposit solutions are at the heart of B-POD. We can integrate ATMs, self-service solutions and additional technologies to suit banks’ specific requirements.

4 – Management: 

Brink’s can manage the day-to-day operations by offering expert ATM monitoring, maintenance and cash replenishment using our cash forecasting system, while adhering to financial industry security standards.

We can assist with localized promotional strategies, ensuring the local community knows about B-POD branches. We also offer options for live video support, virtual appointments with specialists and convenient self-service banking tools.

5 – Support: 

Brink’s is your trusted partner for exceptional B-POD support. We understand the challenges faced by financial institutions and the pressure to reduce operation overheads, while maintaining or expanding branch networks. Our knowledgeable 24/7 support teams provide fast issue resolution and, with 90%+ first-time ATM fix rate, downtime is minimized. We leverage our vast experience managing ATM networks worldwide to optimize B-POD operations and take a proactive approach with preventative maintenance to ensure consistent performance.

Contact Rebecca Browne for more information or to receive our B-POD brochure ([email protected]).