B-POD by Brink’s: revolutionizing branch banking

Monday 15th April 2024

Brink’s empowers banks to establish cost-effective, scalable and modular branches, making it easier for banking consumers everywhere to access and deposit their cash conveniently where they live, work, shop and spend time.

The B-POD journey: addressing global needs

There are several universal challenges faced by banks around the world in an evolving financial landscape. B-POD by Brink’s is helping to address these challenges:

  • Branch closures:  the decline in physical branches is a worldwide trend, especially in less populated areas. Our solution offers a sustainable way to maintain a banking presence.
  • Cost-effectiveness:  B-POD’s smaller footprint and reduced overheads make it ideal where traditional branches aren’t financially feasible.
  • Flexibility and scalability: the modular design allows banks to tailor and quickly adjust their offerings based on evolving market needs.
  • Customer convenience: B-POD brings essential banking services closer to where people live and work.
  • Sustainability: our eco-conscious pod solutions align with growing client and consumer commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Technology-driven approach:  B-PODs can leverage self-service solutions and remote customer consultations, streamlining operations and enhancing customer experience.

An innovative, global banking solution for the future

NoteMachine, part of The Brink’s Company, has long championed in the UK the importance of maintaining access to cash and face-to-face banking services. In 2019, they spent several months talking to as many UK financial institutions as possible, who repeatedly agreed that they needed a cost-effective, efficient and sustainable alternative to a traditional bank branch.

In 2023, TSB was first to market in the UK, recognizing the flexibility, efficiency and cost savings that the B-POD solution could offer. The UK’s geography and regulatory landscape fueled initial demand for B-POD, but the core benefits of banking pods resonate globally. Other banks began to take notice.

International success

In Spain, two major banks have deployed micro-branches in rural areas to combat branch closures. In Italy, banks are experimenting with container-based branches that can be relocated based on customer demand or seasonal needs.

In the United States, some banks are utilizing ‘pop-up’ or mobile branches to expand their reach – often operating in vans or repurposed buses – without the long-term commitment of a physical location. In Canada, major banks are incorporating micro-branches into their branch network, focusing on providing digital services and in-person assistance.

Meanwhile, in Asia, India’s vast population and diverse geography has created a significant need for micro- and modular branches. Banks are using them to extend financial inclusion to remote and underserved areas. While heavily focused on digital banking, some Chinese banks find micro- branches useful as touchpoints for customer service and specialized product offerings.

Expand your reach, redefine banking

B-POD banking pods provide vital face-to-face banking services. The form of micro- and modular branches can vary, depending on your specific requirements. Some focus on self-service ATMs and digital interaction, while others prioritize in-person customer consultations. B-POD offers financial institutions globally a cost-effective, scalable and modular alternative to the traditional bricks-and-mortar branch model.

Brink’s is filling the current market void and will continue to do so for many more financial institutions worldwide.

To find out more about B-POD, or to receive our brochure, contact Rebecca Browne on +44 7500 603689, or email [email protected].