B-POD by Brink’s: the future of sustainable branch banking

Tuesday 16th April 2024

Our standardized and modular banking pods offer the perfect solution for banks to positively impact their carbon footprint, while maintaining high quality and functionality.

B-PODs are more than just physical structures: they offer a scalable branch solution with flexible, comprehensive banking services for you and your customers.

A sustainable, turnkey service solution

By integrating our ATM Outsourcing solutions, Brink’s provides unmatched experience, global processes and a track record of cost optimization for banks.

Brink’s ATM Managed Services offer reliable access to cash and other essential services for your banking consumers, ensuring convenience, confidence and peace of mind. You can outsource your monitoring, cash-in-transit, cash forecasting, first- and second-line maintenance and incident response to a single supplier, or outsource your entire ATM management to Brink’s, ensuring optimal ATM performance and customer satisfaction.

Benefit from:

  • Significant cost reduction: Streamlined setup, simplified operations and a smaller footprint to significantly lower operational overheads.
  • Consumer access: B-PODs bring banking services closer to customers, maximizing convenience and access to cash.
  • Extensive facilities: B-PODs can offer customers the flexibility of multiple transaction services and broader banking options.
  • Scalability and expansion: B-PODs enable rapid, low-risk entry into new markets worldwide, facilitating growth.
  • Free up internal resources: Tap into Brink’s end-to-end ATM Managed Services, all conveniently managed by a single supplier.
  • Sustainability: Our eco-conscious pod solutions align with growing client and customer commitment to environmental responsibility.

Investing in a net zero future

With B-POD, you can take your sustainability efforts to the next level. Adopting our durable, modular banking units helps you reduce your organization’s environmental impact and demonstrates your commitment to sustainability.

The pod’s exterior finishing resin is made from 5,000+ recycled plastic bottles in the manufacturing process and 80% recycled aluminum parts, significantly reducing the carbon footprint and promoting ethical values by utilizing recycled materials. By using natural or recycled materials, B-PODs help to reduce waste, pollution and harm to the environment.

Adaptable banking for any location

B-PODs are lightweight, secure, durable and versatile, making them a cost-effective choice. They can be located in shopping malls, airports, public transport hubs, in supermarket car parks or residential areas, to name a few.

What’s more, B-PODs can be repurposed and re-skinned to adopt a brand-new corporate identity. Our pods can be factory built or assembled on-site for added flexibility and come in a flat-pack design for convenient global transportation. Financial institutions can benefit from B-POD’s green credentials in multiple ways, including off-grid solutions.

We can help you achieve your bank’s net zero targets with our innovative B-POD solution. To find out more about B-POD, or to receive our brochure, contact Rebecca Browne on +44 7500 603689, or email [email protected].