Brink’s Process Outsourcing (BPO): Transforming ATM management in France

Wednesday 29th May 2024

One of France’s leading banking institutions partnered with Brink’s to manage its ATM fleet and service infrastructure. 


A leading French banking group sought an efficient solution to optimize the management of its large ATM network. They wanted to improve the operations across their banking networks to ensure customer access to cash, create consistent customer experiences, combat the rising costs and compliance requirements of ATM channel management, and properly service their thousands of ATMs to maximize uptime and availability.

The use of cash remains relevant worldwide, driving the need for consumer access to ATMs. In 2022, Banque de France reported that 50% of payments at points of sale (POS) were made in banknotes, accounting for 35% of spending at the POS. These figures reflect the continued importance of a robust strategy in ATM management for banks, retailers and independent ATM deployers.


In 2015, the leadership of this banking organization noted that French consumers were transforming their payment practices, driving transformation needs across the financial institution sector.

The bank’s networks independently handled cash and ATM operations, with an individualized management approach for numerous ATM suppliers and vendors.

In 2017, the bank set out to implement a transformation roadmap, aiming to streamline and standardize ATM management across its large, decentralized organization. They recognized that vast improvements could be made in the management of their ATM ecosystem, with more efficient processes and automation.


The organization conducted a two-year study to measure its current investment, both in terms of resources and tools, and the operation of its vast ATM network. After the study, it was determined they must unify their regional bank networks to meet their goals, setting out to:

  • Achieve and maintain high customer satisfaction through widespread ATM accessibility and stringent standards for availability rates.
  • Improve process efficiency and standardize service and IT architecture to support their existing fleet of more than 10,000 ATMs, by sharing ATM architecture, systems and expertise across their networks.
  • Centralize the ATM value chain management by connecting with one partner for all ATM-related domains, including sourcing, maintenance, software, transactions management, cash management, helpdesk and monitoring.
  • Establish a dynamic and scalable approach for ATM management.


It became imperative to consolidate ATM operations and transactions through a single, unified partner and platform due to the sheer size of the networks. The network had to maintain cash accessibility for all customers and deliver a standard level of customer excellence, no matter the location, branch or machine.

To address these challenges, the organization sought the expertise and partnership of Brink’s. Brink’s was selected to bolster the organization’s evolution, aligning with its strategic goal of becoming a comprehensive service integrator.

Rather than perceiving the opportunity as an IT project or a takeover of ATM machines, Brink’s approached it as a comprehensive ‘services transformation’ initiative. This collaboration symbolized the convergence of two enterprises committed to spearheading a revolution in cash management.

Brink’s presented an innovative data-driven platform, designed to meet the organization’s expectations in the areas of:

  • ATM network management – Brink’s would manage more than 40 vendors and suppliers such as manufacturers, maintenance, IT providers and cash-in-transit (CIT), as a unique end-to-end partner that would guarantee a standard quality of service.
  • Investment and cost optimization – Given uncertainties around consumer cash habits and the need for branch network optimization, Brink’s proposed reallocating the organization’s decentralized ATM investment to service fees. This shift aimed to drive economies of scale.
  • IT integration and evolution – Brink’s creation and management of an ATM service delivery platform with front and back-office functionality would empower the bank networks to offer a unique and consistent ATM experience to their millions of customers.


When the banking group approached Brink’s to oversee its ATMs and create the necessary infrastructure and services for unifying the organization’s ATM management processes, Brink’s not only provided a product and service offering, but also introduced a dedicated subsidiary: Brink’s Process Outsourcing (BPO).

A team of dedicated project experts from both organizations collaborated to craft a tailor-made plan, incorporating process monitoring, data analysis and platform architecture. This plan not only defined BPO’s success with the organization, but also shaped the range of services Brink’s can now offer to other customers.


The banking group, with the support of Brink’s ATM Managed Services, has now achieved their objectives:

  • Effective management of the entire ATM life cycle, spanning from purchase and installation to replacement.
  • Establishment of a network-wide standardization of ATM processes to optimize the cost and quality of transactions and operations.
  • Implementation of automated decision-making for field services and maintenance across the entire ATM fleet.
  • Accurate cash management forecasting and service orders dispatch for CIT companies, enabling precise ATM servicing based on dynamic and optimal replenishment decisions derived from data.

“Thanks to their trust and transformational mindset, Brink’s has achieved a key milestone of its own transformational journey, by creating an agnostic services platform that enables automation of key ATM ecosystem interactions and related decision-making, together with redesign of key processes with dedicated experts. Brink’s is now ready to expand this platform to other organizations, leveraging our know-how and data-driven approach”.


Michaël Gabay, President, Brink’s France


Now firmly established, BPO serves as Brink’s center of excellence for automated ATM outsourcing, leveraging its automated service platform to manage more than 12,000 ATMs.
It offers ATM life cycle maintenance and management, software professional services, customer service, technical help desk assistance and cash management services for financial and retail customers. BPO excels in adapting, customizing and evolving its services to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Through the work and partnership with the banking organization, a framework has been built for BPO to quickly understand how it can best serve a customer. Brink’s can gather information and provide a potential return on investment in a few workshops with an interested financial or retail customer.


  • 12,300 ATMs managed
  • 45,000 events managed daily
  • 22M transactions processed monthly
  • 43B Euros dispensed annually
  • 15B Euros deposited annually
  • 6,400 branches managed
  • 47 vendors managed
  • 90 dedicated experts

* Brink’s internally sourced data