TestLink can refurbish ATMs to a non-standard specification, based on customer needs 

Brinks ATM refurbishment
Wednesday 22nd May 2024

TestLink will refurbish your ATMs and supply a wide range of refurbished parts for most OEMs (original equipment manufacturer). They enable customers to reduce their capital expenditure and maximize return on investment by keeping existing ATM estates compliant and operational, well beyond manufacturer obsolescence.

In-house engineering, product development and quality teams continually analyze usage and failure rate data, as well as material performance. This insight enhances TestLink’s refurbishment methods, for better reliability, increasing operational efficiency and extending hardware lifecycles.

In addition to a professional ATM refurbishment service, TestLink can provide modules and kits to customize and upgrade functionality of your existing installed estate in place, without the need for removal. Here are some examples of previous upgrades and customization projects.

Card readers

Dip card readers involve the user physically inserting their card into a designated slot on the ATM. The card must be pushed all the way in and held there for a few seconds while the data is read. A motorized card reader has a mechanism that automatically guides the card into the reader and retrieves it once the data is read; users simply need to partially insert their card.

There are pros and cons for both Dip and motorized card readers, with some being better suited, dependent on the location and other factors. Many financial institutions will opt for motorized for on premise ATMs and dip for off premise ATMs.

TestLink can support your upgrade or conversion projects with high quality, great value refurbished card readers, as well as replacement cabling or new fascia pieces, if required. This is particularly useful when your requirements change, ATMs are redeployed to new locations, or you wish to standardize your ATM estate.

TestLink can provide extra functionality to your ATM, with the addition of contactless card readers, enabling you to provide the latest technology to your customers without replacing your ATMs.

Cameras and Security 

ATMs can have built-in cameras in multiple positions, to record customer transactions. TestLink can customize ATMs with additional cameras, if required, and supply kits for field installations.

TestLink supplies a range of OEM and aftermarket security devices and can even develop custom reinforcement to combat evolving physical fraud attack methods.


TestLink can convert and upgrade FDKs (Function Display Key, the buttons on the side of the ATM) to touch screen functionality.


ATMs printers come in a range of types; thermal vs ink, one-side vs double side. The various types have varying operational cost, reliability and functionality. TestLink can supply larger quantities of replacement printers, as well as the components to maintain them.

Encryption PIN pads

TestLink  will support your EPP (encryption PIN pad) upgrade project with higher encryption EPPs and any required bracket conversions, ensuring you remain compliant with the latest PCI requirements. TestLink provides a secure service to shred the decommissioned EPP, completing a fully auditable and certified process.

Upgrading the PC core 

As technology advances, it’s important to ensure the PC core has the capability to support more complex software, better integrations, Windows 10 and enhanced security. TestLink can supply an upgraded PC core to suit your requirements.

Dispensing and deposit modules

In the safe of traditional deposit ATMs, one half is usually the ATM deposit module and the other half is the dispensing module. TestLink can convert these to meet customer requirements, so customers can choose, for example, two sets of dispensing modules, or two sets of deposit modules. The double dispense option is effective when you wish to reduce the frequency of cash refills.

Design improvements

ATM reliability is paramount because any parts failure results in the need for more frequent on-site interventions by field engineers and costly ATM downtime. TestLink conducts root cause analysis and mean time between failure analysis, to develop refurbishment processes and select materials that extend the lifetime of your equipment.

Why Testlink? 

TestLink has been supporting financial institutions and independent ATM deployers (IADs) globally for 35 years. They have 10,000 different part numbers held in their warehouses and 15,000+ parts are shipped monthly, enabling them to offer a wide variety of after-market adaptation services and customized parts on existing equipment. In addition, 3,500+ parts are repaired in-house by their technical engineering and quality teams every month, offering an attractive alternative to buying a new ATM.

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